Course Overview

1. BASIC Levels – Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Basic Complete (12 lessons each)
2. INTERMEDIATE Levels – Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate Complete (11 lessons each)
3. ADVANCED Levels – Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Advanced Complete (10 lesssons each)
4. TOPIK Levels 

Each class has an average size of 8 – 15 students. We try not to exceed 15 students per class to maintain the overall learning quality.
There will be a class test on the last lesson and certificates will be issued at the completion of Basic 2, Basic Complete, Intermediate Complete and Advance Complete if the students meets the minimum passing grade and achieve at least 70% attendance rate.

We are certified by MOE (Ministry of Education Singapore) and our certificates can be presented to institutions in Korea to prove your level of proficiency.

Please note that opening schedules are subject to changes. Kindly contact us for updated schedules.

Regular Class Schedule

Basic 1 Classes

LevelLessons /weekStarting DateDayTimeAvail-ability
Basic 1Twice28-MaySat1pm-4pm6p
Basic 1Twice30-MayMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm9p
Basic 1Twice26-JunSun2pm-5pm8p
Basic 1Twice28-JunTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm10p
Basic 1Once2-JunThu7:30pm-9pm10p
Basic 1Once28-MaySat4:15pm-5:45pm10p
Basic 1Once24-JulSun10:30am-12pm10p
Basic 1Once25-JunSat10:30am-12pm10p
Basic 1 (Full-time)Five23-MayMon-Fri10:30am-12:30pm8p
Basic 1 (Chinese-Online)Once4-JunSat10:30am-12pm7p
Basic 1 (Secondary)Twice30-MayMon & Wed3pm-5pm10p

Basic 2 Classes

LevelLessons /weekStarting DateDayTime
Basic 2Twice24-MayTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2Twice16-JulSat1pm-4pm
Basic 2Twice18-JulMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2Twice7-AugSun2pm-5pm
Basic 2Twice16-AugTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2Once16-JunThu7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2Once25-AugThu7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2 (Full-time)Five13-JunMon-Fri10:30am-12:30pm
Basic 2 (Chinese-Online)Once11-MayWed7:30pm-9pm
Basic 2 (Chinese-Online)Once27-AugSat10:30am-12pm

Basic 3 Classes

LevelLessons /weekStarting DateDayTime
Basic 3Twice25-AprMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Basic 3Twice4-JunSat1pm-4pm
Basic 3Twice5-JulTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Basic 3Once7-MaySat10:30am-12pm
Basic 3Once29-JunWed7:30pm-9pm
Basic 3Once2-JulSat10:30am-12pm
Basic 3Once8-SepThur7:30pm-9pm
Basic 3 (Full-time)Five12-MayMon-Fri10:30am-12:30pm
Basic 3 (Chinese-Online)Once3-AugWed7:30pm-9pm
Basic 3 (Secondary)Twice31-MayTue & Thu3pm-5pm

Basic Complete Classes

LevelLessons /weekStarting DateDayTime
Basic CompleteTwice7-MaySat1pm-4pm
Basic CompleteTwice22-MaySun2pm-5pm
Basic CompleteTwice13-JunMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Basic CompleteTwice16-JulSat1pm-4pm
Basic CompleteOnce26-MayThu7:30pm-9pm
Basic CompleteOnce9-JulSat4:15pm-5:45pm
Basic CompleteOnce30-JulySat10:30am-12pm
Basic Complete
(Full Time)
Basic Complete (Chinese-Online)Once25 AprMon7:30pm-9pm

Intermediate to Advance Classes

LevelLessons /weekStarting DateDayTime
Intermediate 1Twice18-JunSat1pm-4pm
Intermediate 1Twice3-JulSun2pm-5pm
Intermediate 1Twice1-AugMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Intermediate 1Once4-JunSat10:30am-12pm
Intermediate 1Once11-JunSat4:15pm-5:45pm
Intermediate 1
(Full Time)
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2Twice21-MaySat1pm-4pm
Intermediate 2Twice30-JulSat1pm-4pm
Intermediate 2Once22-JunWed7:30pm-9pm
Intermediate 2Once10-JulSun4pm-5:30pm
Intermediate 2
(Full Time)
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 2
Intermediate CompleteTwice2-JulSat1pm-4pm
Intermediate CompleteTwice24-MayTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Intermediate CompleteOnce14 MaySat10:30am-12pm
Intermediate Complete
(Full Time)
Intermediate Complete
Intermediate Complete
Intermediate Complete
Advance 1Twice25-AprMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Advance 1Twice5-JulTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Advance 1Twice13-AugSat1pm-4pm
Advance 1Once30-JulSat10:30am-12pm
Advance 1 (Chinese-Online)Once14-AugSun10:30am-12pm
Advance 2Twice6-JunMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Advance 2Twice16-AugTue & Thu7:30pm-9pm
Advance 2Once12-JunSun2:15pm-3:45pm
Advance 2Once20-JunMon7:30pm-9pm
Advance CompleteTwice18-JulMon & Wed7:30pm-9pm
Advance CompleteOnce21-MaySat4:15pm-5:45pm
Advance CompleteOnce21-AugSun2:15pm-3:45pm

TOPIK Level Classes

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