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[Ep006]품절남 pum-jeol-nam/ 품절녀 Pum-jeol-lyeo

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‘남’ (男) and ‘여’ (女) are Sino-Korean words for ‘male’ and ‘female’, respectively. (when the word 녀 is the initial letter of a word, it becomes ‘여’ for ease of pronunciation.

품절남 and 품절녀 are relatively new slang terms that literally mean ‘out of stock male / out of stock female and are commonly used to refer to recently married individuals.

단어장 추가
품절남 품절녀

[Ep005]밀당 Pushing and pulling (playing hard to get)

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밀당 is an action done by girls and it means that one moment the girl is acting as though she is interested, and the next she isn’t and becomes distant. It usually happens in the beginning of a relationship when one doesn’t want to appear easy to get. It is kind of a game that couples play, and just as the verbs 밀다 and 당기다 suggest, both parties in the relationship are pushing and pulling away at the same time. In English, this is know



n as “playing hard to get” and is a way to test your relationship partner to see if he/she is serious or not.

A: 그 여자랑 잘 사귀고 있어? Is everything going on well with the girl?

B: 잘 만나고 있어.  Everything is going on well.

A; 그럼 사귀는 거야? Then, are you guys a couple?

B: 벌써 사귀면 안 되지. 연애는 밀당이 중요해. We can’t be a couple yet. In dating, playing hard to get is important.

[Ep001]눈빛만 봐도 알아요 I can see what you want by just looking at your eyes.

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눈빛 is used to describe the feeling that one;s eyes give off. “눈빛이 빛나다,” means that someone;s “eyes are sparkling/twinkling/shiny” with delight. If someone says “눈빛이 무섭다,” it means that someone’s eyes are scary/fierce.” These phrases can be used literally, the the expression 눈빛만 봐도 알다 cannot be used in such a literal sense, as it refers to two people being so close/connected/intimte with one another that one person can tell by that the other person wants or is trying to say just by looking at the other’s eyes. 오늘은 효리씨에게 데이트 신청할거야. I am really going to ask Hyori out for dating. 짝사랑 그만하고 진짜 용기를 내 봐. Stop just having a crush and really summon up some courage. 짝사랑이 아니야. 효리씨도 나한테 관심이 있다고. It is not a crush. She is really interested in me too. 니가 어떻게 알아. How do you know that? 효연씨 눈빛만 봐도 다 알아. 나를 좋아하고 있다고. I look at her eyes and I know it. She likes me.  

[Ep002]더위 먹었어요 I feel sick because of the heat in the hot summer

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더워를 먹었어요 In Korean, ‘you ate heat’ means you feel sick or are ill because of the hot weather during summer days. Even though you are not physically sick but are being drained of energy because of the heat, and eventually cause you a lack of motivation and or appetite. But this expression is not used with 추위(coldness). 오늘 진짜 덥다. It is really hot today. 그치? 너무 더워서 더위 먹을 것 같아. Right? It is so hot that I will get sick. 정말. 우리 시원한 거라도 사 먹자. Yeah. Let’s go and eat something cold.
Thermometer with a high temperature reading on a scale, against a background of bright sun and a blue sky with clouds. The concept of hot, dangerous weather, global warming

[Ep003]바가지 썼어요 I got ripped off

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바가지 썼어요 or I put on bowls means getting swindled by the host of the gambling game. Similarly when you are ripped off or deliberately overcharged for something because you did not know the original cost or you had no other option but to buy the item, you can say “바가지 썼어요.” after you realize you were swindled. 아무래도 바가지 쓴 것 같아요. I am afraid it looks like I have been ripped off. 왜요? Why? 친구 아는 사람이라고 해서 컴퓨터를 샀거든요. 그런데 비싸게 산 것 같아요. My friend said he knows this guy. So I bought a computer from him. But I think I paid too much for that.

[Ep004]바람 맞았어 She or He stood me up

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He stood me up.

그가 나를 바람 맞혔어.

Learn Korean at Daehan Korean 바람 맞았어요. Ho was stood up.

Learn Korean at Daehan Korean 바람 맞았어요. Ho was stood up.

Imagine that you are standing outside when it is windy and you are waiting for your date to show up. The only problem is that your date is a no-show. In this case, the wind is interally hitting you because you are waiting for someone who never shows up. An English phrase with equivalent meaning to “바람 맞다” is ” to be stood up.”

어제 데이트 잘 했어요? Did you have a good date yesterday?

바람 맞았어요. I was stood up.

네 왜요? 둘이 잘 지내는 거 아니었어요? What? Why? Weren’t you two along well?

모르겠어요. 전화도 안 받아요. I don’t know. She doesn’t even pick up the phone.

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