Secondary Student Classes

LevelLessons/weekDay & Time
Secondary Students Basic 1Twice28-Oct Mon & Wed
Secondary Students Basic 1Twice29-Oct Tue & Thu
Secondary Students Basic 1Once24-Oct Sat
Secondary Students Basic 2Twice25-Nov Mon & Wed
Secondary Students Basic 2Twice26-Nov Tue & Thu
Secondary Students Basic 2Once5-Dec Sat

Grab the golden chance to learn the Korean Language at an exclusive discount specially for Secondary School Students!

During the school holiday period, we provide an Intensive Korean Language Program specifically for Secondary School Students. Every student will receive a Korean Language Certificate after completing the course and passing the test!

Course fee for each Basic Level :

  • $180 for 8 lessons x 2 hours each + $16 for the textbook and $12 for the workbook (to be used for both Basic 1 & 2) + $10 registration fee
  • If you register for two levels, you will get the textbook for free! After completing two levels, you will receive a Korean Language Certificate!

Please make sure you bring along and show us your valid student pass to qualify for this special discount! Each class opens upon the gathering of 15 students.

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Exams are over soon! Exclusive discount for Secondary/PSLE Students