How to Pair Your Favourite Korean Food with Alcohol?

In the 2013 hit South Korean TV series “My Love from Another Star”, the female protagonist Cheon Song Yi professes her love for “Chi-mek”, which is a combination of the word “chi” from Fried Chicken and “mek” from Mekju, the Korean word for beer, especially when the first snow arrives. However, it is not the only well-loved combination of Korean food and alcohol in South Korea! In fact, soju is the most popular alcoholic beverage in South Korea, so let’s see how this clear and slightly sweet distilled spirit is paired among the soju lovers!

This is consistent with how many Korean Fried Chicken outlets sell beer, and how many Korean BBQ outlets also sell soju. They definitely know how the combination works!


What about other well-loved Korean carbohydrates such as pancakes? 

Bingo! We pair it with makgeolli, the Korean word for rice wine. Which is your favourite version of the Korean pancake? Mine is Seafood pancake for sure!


Planning to visit South Korea for work, studies or simply recreational travel soon? Be sure to try out these local favourites and pair them (responsibly!) with alcohol! However, we would also recommend that you pick up some Korean skills if you are intending to stay there for long. As the first Korean language school established in Singapore by native Koreans, Daehan Education Centre has a pool of experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to guide you through your learning journey. Our syllabus is well-structured, easy-to-follow and continuously improved with the feedbacks from our students. Whether you are here just to learn basic conversational skills or looking to certify your mastery of the language by taking the TOPIK examinations, look no further in starting your Korean learning adventure with us!

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