How Do We Introduce Our Family Members in the Korean Language

One of the first things that Koreans like to ask when they meet someone new is, who is in your family? Today, let’s learn to answer to answer this question in Korean!

In English, we refer to our paternal and maternal grandparents the same way. However in Korean language, we distinguish the two terms – adding the word “wae” in front when referring to our maternal grandparents. There is also the formal and informal version of calling your father and mother. For example, the formal way of referring to your father is “a-beo-ji”, while the informal way is “a-bba”. The informal version sounds similar to the informal way you call your father in English, “Papa”, right? You should find it easy to remember these terms after some time, and also find them familiar from K-dramas or K-pop lyrics! One of the kdrama names that contain a family member name would be “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food”.

In Daehan Education Centre, you will not only learn how to introduce your family members in Korean language but also other common conversational topics, such as how to say your age, occupation and hobbies. We are the first Korean language school established in Singapore by native Koreans with a pool of experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to guide you through your learning journey. Whether you are here just to learn basic conversational skills or looking to certify your mastery of the language by taking the TOPIK examinations, look no further in starting your Korean learning adventure with us!

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