Free Apps to Download Before Travelling to South Korea

Planning to make a trip to South Korea for work, travel, studies or relocation once it becomes safe for us to fly again, but have limited or no knowledge on the Korean language or how to navigate around the country? You have to download these top 5 apps to make your time there easier and more enjoyable!

     1. NAVER Map/Kakao Map

     If you are travelling to South Korea, you will realise that Google Maps and Apple Maps may not provide accurate navigation or walking directions. Our 2 recommended navigation apps are NAVER Maps and Kakao Maps as they are much more accurate when moving around the streets of South Korea. We personally prefer Kakao Maps as it is more English friendly, but have a play with both maps and see which you like better. Both apps are definitely among some of the best apps for travelling in Korea! 


2. KakaoTaxi

While South Korea has one of the world’s best and most systematic transportation systems, there will definitely be times where you need to grab a taxi. This app works like Grab or ComfortDelGro in Singapore and is great for getting a taxi in Korea. It is fast, convenient and is available in English for non-Korean speaking users.


3. Subway Korea

Although the South Korean Subway may seem easy to navigate at first glance, it can get tricky to get around if it’s your first time in South Korea, especially since most of the signages are in Korean. Subway Korea is a subway specific app which shows you the different subway routes, updated train arrival times, the shortest and more affordable route to your intended destination as well as which train cars to get off for the quickest transfers! 

4. Papago

Learning the language by taking Korean classes would definitely facilitate communicating in South Korea, but if you haven’t found time to pick up the language before your flight, fret not! Papago Translator is much more accurate than other translation sites and apps when it comes to Korean-English translations as it was launched by Naver Corporation. With this app, you’ll be able to communicate with the locals like a pro.

5. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is a free messaging app that is most commonly used in Korea. It is Korea’s version of our Whatsapp or Telegram. Should you be staying in Korea for longer periods, it is a great way to keep in touch with the people who you meet in your travels or to simply chat with locals. If you are going to Korea for a short holiday, this is a great app to contact your host, native tour guides or to call Korean numbers without extra charges. 


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