(봄) Beautiful Spring in Korea with delicious foods!

Spring Festival

 (봄) Beautiful Spring in Korea makes us think of cherry blossoms and delicious Spring seasonal foods like snow crabs (대게 dae-ge), strawberries (딸기 ttal-gi) or webfoot octopus (쭈꾸미 jju-kku-mi). 
Famous Spring Festivals include Cherry Blossom Festival, Lotus Lantern Festival, and Strawberry Festival.

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Spring Food in Korea includes snow crabs (대게 dae-ge), webfoot octopus (쭈꾸미 jjukkumi), strawberries (딸기 ttal-gi) and tomatoes (토마토).

Spring activies include hiking (등산 deung-san), picnic (피크닉 pi-keu-nig), taking pictures (사진 찍기 sa-jin jji-ggi), and canoeing (카누 ka-nu).

Spring Festivals include lots of Cherry Blossoms (벚꽃). Enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms at Yeouido, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, and Seokchon Lake (Cherry Blossom Festival).

Various artists have also released 봄 노래 (Spring songs), including top hits from BTS – Spring Day, IU – Blueming, and Wanna One – Spring Breeze.

봄 노래 (Spring Songs) include songs from BTS, Park Bom, Yuju & Loco, and BOL4.

Other spring songs from Busker Busker, High4, IU, Wanna One, Eric Nam and Wendy!

Even more spring songs from Kwill, 10cm, IU, and Kim Se Jeong!

Other related Spring words (Drama, Fashion and Weather):

Have you watched these 봄 드라마 (Spring Drama)?

  • 너는 나의 봄 (You are my Spring 2021)
  • 봄밤 (One Spring Night 2019)
  • 멀리서 보면 푸른 봄
  • (At a distance, Spring is green 2021)

봄 패션 Spring Fashion. These Korean words sound extremely similar to their English counterparts!

봄 날씨Spring Weather

Last but not the least, words to describe the weather:

  • 맑아요 clear
  • 비가 와요 it’s raining
  • 바람 불어요 windy

Try to say (most of) this in Korean:
If the weather is clear, let’s go for a picnic. Bring tomatoes and strawberries, and an umbrella in case it rains.

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