[Ep005]밀당 Pushing and pulling (playing hard to get)

밀당 is an action done by girls and it means that one moment the girl is acting as though she is interested, and the next she isn’t and becomes distant. It usually happens in the beginning of a relationship when one doesn’t want to appear easy to get. It is kind of a game that couples play, and just as the verbs 밀다 and 당기다 suggest, both parties in the relationship are pushing and pulling away at the same time. In English, this is know


n as “playing hard to get” and is a way to test your relationship partner to see if he/she is serious or not.

A: 그 여자랑 잘 사귀고 있어? Is everything going on well with the girl?

B: 잘 만나고 있어.  Everything is going on well.

A; 그럼 사귀는 거야? Then, are you guys a couple?

B: 벌써 사귀면 안 되지. 연애는 밀당이 중요해. We can’t be a couple yet. In dating, playing hard to get is important.

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