[Ep003]바가지 썼어요 I got ripped off

바가지 썼어요 or I put on bowls means getting swindled by the host of the gambling game. Similarly when you are ripped off or deliberately overcharged for something because you did not know the original cost or you had no other option but to buy the item, you can say “바가지 썼어요.” after you realize you were swindled.

아무래도 바가지 쓴 것 같아요. I am afraid it looks like I have been ripped off.

왜요? Why?

친구 아는 사람이라고 해서 컴퓨터를 샀거든요. 그런데 비싸게 산 것 같아요. My friend said he knows this guy. So I bought a computer from him. But I think I paid too much for that.

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