He stood me up.

그가 나를 바람 맞혔어.

Imagine that you are standing outside when it is windy and you are waiting for your date to show up. The only problem is that your date is a no-show. In this case, the wind is interally hitting you because you are waiting for someone who never shows up. An English phrase with equivalent meaning to “바람 맞다” is ” to be stood up.”

어제 데이트 잘 했어요? Did you have a good date yesterday?

바람 맞았어요. I was stood up.

네 왜요? 둘이 잘 지내는 거 아니었어요? What? Why? Weren’t you two along well?

모르겠어요. 전화도 안 받아요. I don’t know. She doesn’t even pick up the phone.