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Annyeonghasaeyo! 안녕하세요!

Thanking you to everyone.  In commemoration of Korea’s HANGEUL DAY on 9th October 2018, we Daehan have  HANGUL DAY PPOMOTION to 50 all new registrations during the month from October 2018, and will discounted course fee to $299 from Original Course Fee Basic level 1 nd level 2 is $648.

Hangul Day (한글날) is a Korean holiday which celebrates the creation and usage of hangeul, the writing system for the Korean language.

It has often been praised by linguists as one of the most scientific, easy-to-learn alphabets in the world!

*Only applicable to all new registrations into the regular group full-time/part-time classes.

And if you join the course with your buddy, you can enjoy Free Original Korean English 6000 Vocab Dictionary.

The promotion is on a first come first serve basis and only available for new registrations

  • Free Trial Lesson for all new registrations! For more details, see below !
  • Once you join our class but sometimes you are not able to attend the class, we have been satisfactorily and successfully providing Free Make up Korean lesson  for you despite it is subjected to its availability.
  • and PLUS Continuous discounts are also given for every level that you advance with us too.
  • Those who registered at our school and mark over 88 points in level test of each course (Basic, Intermediate Courses), will be given Original Daehan FREE Holder.

Please click here and register on line to reserve your seat

For more details, dial 6747-4090 or email to admin@daehankorean.com !

The promotion is on a first come first serve basis and
*Only applicable to all new registrations into the regular group part classes. then what are the regular part time classes? Click here to see.

The promotion is on a first come first serve basis and only available for new registrations.

Register to take Free Trial Lesson on Korean Language and Culture

Free Trial Lesson

Free Trial Lesson on Korean Language

At 7:30 pm on Friday evenings, our Principal Harry Quek provides you Free Trial Lesson for 1.5 hours about Korean Alphabets 한글 and the followings;

  • Korea and Korean language history and 
  • why you should learn Korean Langauge let alone Korean Drama or K-pops and the like, 
  • what will be the benefits if you learn Korean language and 
  • what aims you should focus in learning Korean language
  • Koreans’ thinking ways and culture and so on. 
*Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & conditions: *Applicable for regular group part-time classes. Continuous discounts are also given for every level that you advance with us too.

Come back home~ Retake a level @50% off

Come back home~ Retake a level @ 50% off        

Home is where warm love is.

Come back home~ Can you come back home~

Calling all ex-students of Daehan Korean Language School!
Are you keen to pick up Korean language again?
Self-studied and unsure of which level you should continue from?

We provide FREE level tests & consultation for returning students.
A special Daehan folder will also be presented to you when you resume lessons

If you are retaking a level, you will enjoy 50% discount off the course fee~!

For further information regarding schedules, do contact us at 6747-4090


Hi everyone, those who registered at our school and mark over 88 points in level test of each course (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses), will be given Original Daehan FREE Holder Bags. Appreciating your hard working on Korean Language.



Free Book Folder

☎ School (65) 6747-4090/ Mobile Phone 8157-6447[Singapore]
E-mail : admin@daehankorean.com 
Facebook Search: “Daehan Korean Language Centre” 
Location ; one minute walk from Kembangan MRT 
18 JALAN MASJID #02-09 … 2nd storey KEMBANGAN PLAZA SINGAPORE (418944)

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  1. Social uphots
    Aug 30, 2018 @ 22:13:24

    Are these free lecture are available for all


  2. Social uphots
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 01:55:25

    Wao its amazing offer every one should benefited


  3. Daehan Korean
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 11:22:13

    Hi, yes please click here to register on line for Free Trial Class.


  4. Vivi
    Sep 15, 2018 @ 11:57:39

    Good for learn new language.


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