Do you want to learn Korean language but want to learn at your work place or school from us, you can consider our Daehan Korean Corporate Course, and inquire by filling out to the followings. thanks

Did you know? Our Courses are SkillsFuture Subsidies Claimable for students above 25 years of age of Singaporeans.  Learn More 

Daehan Korean LC has been established since 2006 and have been teaching not only Korean language but also Korean Culture to our students so far based on our 20 years of long experiences here in Singapore

Also Daehan Korean LC has collaborated with Ehwa Women’s University in Seoul, Korea as a Singapore Korean Language Organization and have been recognized as 1st Korean Language Centre in Singapore .

Daehan Korean has been building up partnerships with Corporations and provided Corporate Korean language course.

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As an established provider of Korean language courses in Singapore, Daehan Education Centre is an MOE registered school with more than 10 years of experience teaching students and corporate clients locally. Not only are we an active member of the Wah! Korea Club, we are also supported by the KTO (Korea Tourism Organisation) and Korean Chamber of Commerce.

Daehan Education Centre is the only private Korean Language School in Singapore inaugurated as a member within the Korean Chamber of Commerce. The school’s principal, Harry Quek, is the Head of the Chamber’s Educational Committee.

Career / Principles

1) Our Korean Teachers are highly qualified and long experienced teachers with Korean Language Teachers’ licence.

2) Specialized Teachers are given to Corporate Course to enhance our Daehan Korean LC value

Embassy and Customers

Currently we have been teaching Korean language to Singapore public authorities, multi-national foreign companies, and global companies in Singapore, and have been recognized with its fame.

  1. Government or Semi-Government Authorities.
  • MOEnvironment,
  1. Customers
  • RWS, Sentosa, Celtronices, AIA, Citybank, Asiasoft, Ardian and other tens of organizations


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Customized Korean Language Corporate Course

We make sure you learn and understand not only Korean language through our Systematic Korean Language Course but also Korean Special Culture and Etiquette

1. Beginners to learn Korean for the first time

2. To those who want to improve Korean conversations

3. Korean language to adapt to Korean company life : those who need Korean conversation for basic office work with Korean customers or staff members such as basic greetings, consulting with customers in Korean, using honorific expressions.

4. Understanding Korean manner and corporate culture: If you need to understand not only Korean language course but also Korean life culture or corporate culture or even special corporate culture as well.

5. Business Korean language course

6. Customized Korean language course

rws students
Corporate Course

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