Listen, read and practice Korean through our live online classes taught by certified native Korean teachers. Start any week and learn for any duration from 4 weeks to a year.

Course Information

* Class is only confirmed when minimum number of 10 students sign up.

Introductory Course 1
  • Introduction to Hangul
  • Simple Greetings and Self-Introduction
  • Ordering at a restaurant. Numbers (1)
Introductory Course 2
  • Buying items at a store. Numbers (2)
  • Talking about daily life
  • Telling time and days of the week


Introductory Korean 1


+ $10 registration fee

What's included

Introductory Korean 1 & 2


+ $10 registration fee

What's included

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Monday & Wednesday

Afternoon, Evening and Night Classes Available
* Tentatively starting on 21st December 2020

Tuesday & Thursday

Afternoon, Evening and Night Classes Available.
* Tentatively starting on 5th January 2021

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Established in 2006, Daehan Korean now has over 50,000 successful students under our belt. With years of experience and expertise, Daehan offers interactive live online Korean Lessons with our certified native Korean teachers. We are now having classes with students from all over the world. Join us and let’s start learning together!

Meet Us


Thursday, 10th December 2020
19:00~19:30 (EST)
22:00 - 22:30 (PST)
General Info, Q&A Session with Daehan Team
(free entry)


Thursday, 17th December 2020
19:00~19:30 (EST)
22:00 - 22:30 (PST)
General Info, Q&A Session with Daehan Team
(free entry)

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Our Teachers


Mr. Harry obtained his Master’s degree from Yonsei University Graduate School in Seoul, Korea and received his Teaching License for Korean Language Education from the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Even with more than 20 years of teaching experience under his belt, Mr. Harry’s passion for sharing the Korean language and culture has never faltered. He has been teaching Korean to Singaporeans since the centre was established in 2006 and knows exactly how to help them understand and remember his teachings. Having abandoned his career as a hotshot architect to pursue his dreams of educating Singaporeans about the Korean language and culture, Mr. Harry is no doubt passionate about his craft. He also has a talent for singing and has performed in front of huge audiences, so he might sing for you if you insist enough! You often hear peals of laughter coming from his classroom as he never fails to add in a dash of humour whenever he’s teaching. He makes sure to put a heavy focus on speaking and conversational skills when he teaches his basic classes and has received endless praise from students for doing so.


Well-traveled and fun-loving, Hara is one of Daehan’s regular and well-loved teachers. She makes it a point to ask her students about themselves at the beginning of every class to give them a chance to practice speaking Korean, as well as to get to know them better. She has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language from Kyung Hee University and has obtained her teaching license from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.​​


Mr. Noah is one of Daehan’s full-time teachers and devotes much of his time and energy to perfecting his teaching style and preparing teaching materials to suit his students’ needs. He studied in the Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language Program in Hankuk University and has been teaching Korean in Singapore for three years now.
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