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Daehan Korean have provided domestic and overseas large or medium scaled international conferences, K pop festivals, K pop Concerts, various seminars, forum, conferences, VIP entertainment, business trip delegation, business consultations and etc for last 10 years. So if you need any Interpretation service, please feel free to request us and reserve here by simply clicking the followings.

One hour will be enough for reservation. No need of lengthy emails or phone calls. Please find which interpreter suits your needs (all Daehan Korean Interpreters are recognized and highly qualified) – all at your fingertips.

Let us introduce Daehan Korean Professional MCs or Simultaneous Interpreters: DHPros

You can find Daehan Korean Professionals‘ photographic and video records at the International conferences or broadcasting or concert or such events.

Kyunghoon Interpreter DHPRO001

Main MC Kwak Kyung Hoon of 6th Korean Night Festival
Main MC Kwak Kyung Hoon of 6th Korean Night Festival
Kwak Kyunghoon 통역사님 (대한81)

MC & Simultaneous Interpreter

KOR < > ENG    KOR < > CHN     ENG < > CHN

“You can hear his voice not only by attending International event or conference and plugging ear receiver but also sometimes can hear him as MC at the TV commercials, FM radio, and many other channels”

<Trustworthy MC & Simultaneous Interpreter Kwak Kyunghoon>
♦ MCs for International Korean Night Festival / English MC Freelancer
♦ MC and Interpreter for K Pop Stars Fanmeetings
♦ Acting as a main cast for TV commercials for McDonald Advertisement in Singapore
♦ Korean language teacher and Hip pop Dance Teacher and Dancer
Overseas stay: Singapore (22 years) Korean and also Singapore Permanent Resident

Hara Interpreter DHPRO002

Ms Ku Hara
Ms Ku Hara

Ku Hara 통역사님 (대한81)

MC & Simultaneous Interpreter


“If you want real communication by an interpreter who can read and understand two different countries’ culture and thinking way behind them, please let me strongly recommend Ms Hara! “

<Smooth and fluent Interpreter and MC  Ms Hara>
♦ Korean English Event Interpreter / English MC Freelancer
♦ Korean Language Teacher at Daehan Education Centre
Overseas Stay : Singapore (12년) Singapore Permanent Resident/
Through various Interpretation Career and MC, assuring best partners to the client and customers.

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Halim Interpreter DHPRO003

Mr Ku Halim
Mr Ku Halim

Ku Halim 통역사님 (대한81)

MC & Simultaneous Interpreter


“Very fluent and deeply searching for the professionals and meticulous in precisely real time interpreting on behalf of the professionals who are on their sectors mostly more than 10 years.”

< Mr Halim, the simultaneous Interpreter and MC Freelancer at your side whom you can unconditionally rely on>
♦ Korean English International Conference Interpreter / English MC Freelancer
♦ Korean Language Teacher at Daehan Korean Language Centre
Overseas stay: Singapore (12 years)

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Other Interpreters DHPRO004

Mr Yun Sunghan
Mr Yun Sunghan


MC & Simultaneous Interpreter


“Steady and cool interpreter I am and will serve you of my best.”

<Simply reliable English Interpreter and MC>

Interpretation Service Procedures

If you follow the procedures as below, you won’t make any mistakes and you can save the time.

Request or reserve simultaneous interpreter(s)

Request or reserve simultaneous interpreter(s). 

E-mail here or inquire at our homepage or contact us by phone call >> consult with our help desk

Sending Daehan Invoice to you

Once you choose which type of interpreter(s) you need, venue, time, number of interpreters you need, we will send you the invoice by return.

your approval on Daehan Invoice

Once you decide us to proceed after your review on the Daehan Invoice, your payment for the service should be made to Daehan in due course.

Selection of the Interpreter(s)

Please make sure that you are satisfied with Daehan Interpreter(s) right by field, by language.

Preparation of Interpretation in advance

Daehan Interpreter(s) will conduct data analysis related to the project, and check specialized words and expressions and grasp the event nature.

Performance of Interpretation Service

Related equipment setting and dispatch Interpreter(s) to the site.


We, Daehan Korean are proud to be the First and Only private education institution in Singapore to be in overseas partnership with Ewha Womens University, the Top womens’ university in Seoul, South Korea.


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