Daehan Education Centre is passionate about ensuring every student’s success throughout his or her Korean learning journey. Classes are interactive and dynamic with a focus on both the communicative and academic aspects of the language. We have passionate and experienced Teachers help students to learn beyond the textbook, teaching them the customs and skills to utilize the language in business or social settings

Reason 2: We are Recognized

As an established provider of Korean language courses in Singapore, Daehan Education Centre is an MOE registered school with more than 11 years of experiences teaching students and corporate clients locally. We have collaborated Daehan-Ehwa Immersion Program with Ehwa Womens University in Seoul (Top Girls University in Korea) and our Korean Course Certificates are well recognized in Korea. Not only are we an active member of the Wah! Korea Club, we are also supported by the KTO (Korea Tourism Organisation) and Korean Chamber of Commerce.(our Principal is its Board Member since 2014 up to present) In addition, we are often invited by companies to introduce Korean language and culture to their employees. We also work closely with travel agencies, banks, and numerous organizations to teach travel phases for their Korea tour customers. Our esteemed clients include:

Reason 3: We Challenge and Inspire

Daehan Education Centre has always prided itself in providing quality Korean language programs to its students. As our teachers are all native Koreans, we are able to deliver our language courses in the most authentic form. Our courses combine the four essential linguistic competencies: oral expression & comprehension, reading, writing and listening.

Reason 4: We are Flexible

Here at Daehan Education Centre, you can find a multitude of programs to suit your needs with FLEXIBLE TIMING and objectives and also provide you FREE MAKE UP CLASSES if you fail to attend your lessons. We offer free consultation services to ensure that you are matched with the best course for a more effective learning experience. Furthermore, our wide range of classes provides students with a variety of choices to fit their schedule and budget.

Furthermore, our wide range of classes provides students with a variety of choices to fit their schedule and budget.

Reason 5: We Care for You

Our friendly and approachable staff will do their best to assist you with your queries promptly and efficiently. We constantly think of ways to improve our curriculum and facilities so as to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for learning. Our aim is to make an impact on our students’ future by opening up a world of boundless business and social opportunities for them. We also give back to our students every year through the Korean Night Festival, and Ehwa University Immersion Programwhich celebrates the richness of the Korean culture as well as its modern allure.



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