Thanks everyone ! Owing to You All, Daehan Korean Language Centre has got Asia’s Top 80 Achievers Award 2016 following Singapore Excellent Awards in 2015! And assuring you of our best services with our best. We strive to provide the best quality of Korean language service.

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Vance Wong If you’re looking for a good place to study Korean, Daehan Korean is not just a good choice, but an excellent one that you won’t regret. The administration staff team is very helpful and informative; the study environment is that of a cozy tutoring center. There is even a free trial class every Friday in the evening, which gives you a basic understanding of the Korean language as well as its history and interesting facts.

The principal teacher is not only a good mentor and friend, but also a captivating speaker that is able to maintain your attention in class. His humor and amiable nature makes the studying atmosphere really enjoyable and conducive. Under his astute tutelage, I am able to study up to Basic-3 and I can see myself continuing till I get at least a TOPIK certificate. I can’t express how good Daehan is in anymore words, except two Korean words: 대박!
Crystal Yves How Currently on my third term at Daehan and I’ve been enjoying every time i go to class! the teachers have their own teaching style and the staffs are very helpful whenever it comes to enquiry! I definitely recommend Daehan to whoever who is keen to learn korean!

Lendl Leong Teachers are very patient and passionate . They give their best in any situation any time. It’s always best to learn korean in such environment. Daehan 짱!

Angela Kwan Yee Siew Really friendly teachers who always extend their help to ensure you grasp the concepts well. They will communicate in Korean to make sure you feel comfortable in speaking Korean which makes you step out of your comfort zones. They give extra worksheets to further assist you in learning aside from the textbook!
Yap Zheng Yan Avi Its been so long since i stepped into daehan for my first korean lesson. at first i was worried as i didn’t know what to expect and now I’m here at the advance level. the staff here are nice, sweet and compassionate! the teachers are top notch too! the teachers here are compassionate, understanding and patient! the learning environment is also lovely! i’ve made a recent trip to korea and based on what daehan has taught me, i was able to communicate without a problem! definitely recommended to anyone who wants to learn korean.
YueMin Lua Learnt Korean really quickly! And I made a lot of new good friends through Daehan! Daehan left an impact in my social life and my fangirling life. So glad I went to Daehan 🙂
Yz Enhpad Currently taking individual lesson at Daehan. The teacher who is teaching me is patient & gives her best to ensure I understand the lesson. The staffs in Daehan are friendly & helpful too. ^^ Glad that I choose Daehan to study Korean. (^o,^)/
Calvin Tan  승미르선생님 plans out her lessons well and often provides her class with additional notes to assist in learning. Thank you Daehan for providing such a wonderful teacher!
Eileen Lim PY A great place to learn korean.
Jann Jiang I enjoy my classes. my teacher was very engaging and she places much care in your progress
Earnest Hoon A very conducive environment to learn korean and very dedicated teachers to motivate you to do your best to learn the language, definitely did not regret signing up with them.
Annabelle Teo Nice studying environment, good teachers. I’m glad I chose Daehan.
A great learning korean in Daehan. Nice and friendly teachers and staffs.
Lisa Chan Daehan Is a right place to learn “KOREAN LANGUAGE” !
Miko Yeo Structured lessons, conducive classrooms for learning and teachers are friendly and more than willing to teach.

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